Pedro Fernandez

Project Manager
Phone Number: 786-299-2807

Career Overview:
Veteran General Contractor with a firm track record for making sure client satisfaction is always achieve while always practicing all of the industry quality principles and adhering to the project established budgets. Thorough a career of over 25 years Pedro has always shown profound knowledge of construction regulations, local zoning ordinances and techniques for meeting a variety of construction and building project challenges. Committed to making sure All Coast Builders LLC always follows all State and County safety guidelines while completing projects.

Key Strengths:

  • Well versed in local building regulations and zoning laws
  • Familiarity with cost estimation and budgetary preparations
  • Excellent ability to manage time and prioritize tasks
  • Sound understanding of materials and equipment procurement procedures
  • Strong committeemen to customer service
  • Vast knowledge of construction documentation
  • Proven leadership abilities
  • Great communication skills


  • Bidding and obtaining jobs
  • Providing materials, labor and equipment at the site
  • Planning all stages of construction projects
  • Supervising every stage of construction work
  • Estimating materials, staffing, equipment costs, including securing permits
  • Preparing and completing work within budget
  • Assigning time-frame for each stage of work
  • Interacting with architects, engineers and designers
  • Coordinating with master electricians, demolition engineers, and sub-contractors
  • Managed and supervised activities at several construction sites
  • Worked on housing projects
  • Planned and ensured projects are completed within budget
  • Processing permits from local authorities for building projects
  • Reviewing the progress of projects and making necessary changes for rapid completion
  • Checking the quality of materials issued before using for projects
  • Maintaining stock and ordered materials as needed
  • Following local building ordinances and applicable labor laws