Manuel Jara

Construction Manager
Phone Number: 786-299-2807

Career Overview:
With over 25 years of building and general contractor experience in management all types of commercial and residential construction projects, Manuel Jara leads the team at All Coast Builders LLC.  Manuel is a highly-skilled general contractor with proficiency in bidding and obtaining construction projects. He provides an excellent perspective in understanding cost estimating, and executing on reconstruction and new projects. He has an established capacity of supervising subcontractors, labor, equipment and materials essential for the work and is constantly paying attention and considerate to every small and big construction needs.

Key Strengths:

  • Project Planning & Management
  • Cost Estimation
  • Customer Service
  • Time Management
  • Quality Control
  • Negotiations
  • Supervision
  • Materials Procurement & Handling
  • Construction Documentation


  • Bidding and obtaining jobs
  • Providing materials, labor and equipment at the site
  • Planning all stages of construction projects
  • Supervising every stage of construction work
  • Estimating materials, staffing, equipment costs, including securing permits
  • Preparing and completing work within budget
  • Assigning time-frame for each stage of work
  • Interacting with architects, engineers and designers
  • Coordinating with master electricians, demolition engineers, and sub-contractors
  • Managed and supervised activities at several construction sites
  • Worked on housing projects
  • Planned and ensured projects are completed within budget
  • Processing permits from local authorities for building projects
  • Reviewing the progress of projects and making necessary changes for rapid completion
  • Checking the quality of materials issued before using for projects
  • Maintaining stock and ordered materials as needed
  • Following local building ordinances and applicable labor laws