Construction Management

Construction Management

With our construction management service, All Coast Builders LLC uses years of expertise’s in the construction business in the areas of construction costs, schedule, and market trends to help guarantee the development is executed within your plan

There are several ways to in fact set -up and contract construction projects:

  • Cost plus
  • Management only
  • Contract per plan
  • Design + build & more …

As a construction company, we’re here to tailor our services to your precise needs. But despite of how a project is set -up, some form of construction management is the service constantly necessary on all construction projects. Our services includes:

  • Project set-up
  • Providing a detailed construction timeline (and sticking to it)
  • Ordering materials
  • Scheduling various subcontractors and crews to perform the work
  • Working with the city and county inspectors
  • Providing you with daily and weekly updates regarding the project’s progress
  • Ensuring your home or building is safe and secure
  • Quality controlling the work to perfection

Our goal is to establish a relationship between the owner and the construction manager long term and that develops into a strong bond based on trust and respect, with constant communication.

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